Whether you need to capture a corporate event, party, wedding, or other gathering, I can help you with your photography needs. I'm a Montreal event photographer working on an array of projects such as weddings, private parties, corporate events birthday parties, and so much more! Contact me today to find out how I can help you!

A quick note regarding photoghaphy pricing. Yes, anyone can take photos but counting the number of hours someone comes to your event as a major price pont area is foolish. There are hours of preparation, the event itself, post production and so on. Consider the hours of work needed to go through the photos, pick the best ones, remove the ones with your eyes closed, make changes such as touching up acne or converting the photos to black and white, and so on. These are taken for granted when you just buy on price alone. It's all about value and with me you get a ton of it! All this and not to mention that a photographer who can't communicate with your guests because he or she is socially inept doesn't help matters either. You may laugh but it's true. I've heard it all and I've built my reputation on being able to work with people.

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